Peter Hatzfeld

  • MBA University of Muenster (Germany); Executive Program IMD, Lausanne (CH)
  • European Marketing Manager NESTEA, NESTLE, Zürich; European Brand Management,
    European Roll-Out,- Communication- and Innovation-Strategy
  • Marketing Manager  (Asbach, Glenfiddich, Pitu, Amarula, etc.) Semper Idem Underberg AG, Rheinberg; Brand Restructuring, Product Development and Innovation, Market Share-Consolidation
  • Senior Brand Manager Knorr, Unilever Bestfoods AG, Hamburg; Brand Architecture Restructuring,
    Turn-Around- and Innovation- Strategy, Product Development with R&D

  • International Division Area Manager Fenjala, Doetsch Grether AG, Basel; Turn-Around Strategy,
    Brand Harmonisation, European Roll-Out Strategy

  • Key Account Manager & Brand Manager GARD, Colgate-Palmolive GmbH, Hamburg; Brand-Repositioning and Relaunch, Assortment-Restructuring, Product Development under close Co-Operation with R&D