Markus Schmidt

  • Qualified Industrial Engineer, University (TH) Karlsruhe

  • Partner of SMB Consultants Participations / M&A / Private Equity

  •  AAREAL BANK AG, Wiesbaden; Director, Head of Participations/Subsidiaries Division, Corporate M&A

  • DEUTSCHE BAU- UND GRUNDSTÜCKS-AG, BERLIN/BONN; Member of the board of Directors, Responsibility for accounting, controlling, organization and personal

  • CAPITON AG, Berlin; Investment Director, Development and Management of the Stuttgart subsidiary

  • EnBW AG, Karlsruhe; project manager Participations, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • PRIVATE AKADEMIE ZUR FÖRDERUNG DER BETRIEBLICHEN ALTERSVERSORGUNG, Köln; establishment and administration of corporate pension schemes

  • MERCEDES-BENZ AG, Stuttgart and Buenos Aires; Project work in in the commercial and technical sectors

  • Member of a number supervisory boards and advisory councils:

           - Deutsche Bau- und Grundstücks-AG, Berlin

           - Immobilien Scout GmbH, Berlin

           - BIOCEUTICALS Arzneimittel AG, Bad Vilbel

           - Meyer & Burger Holding AG, Steffisburg/Thun

           - Henke Pressedruck, Berlin