• Prof. Dr. Lutz Becker, MBA
    Areas: Marketing and Sales, Company Restructuring, Interim Management
    Industry Sectors: IT, Media, Brand Products, VC / Private Equity-Industry
  • Peter Hatzfeld, MBA
    Areas: Marketing and Sales, International Expansion, Interim, Turn-Around Management, Partner- and Interface-Management, Product Development, Sales Channel Management
    Industry Sectors: Consumer Goods, Trade (Retail, Wholesale), Services
  • Jan Hinrichs, Economist (BA)
    Areas: Investments / Business Angel, ERP-systems, Marketing, Restructuring
    Industry Sectors: Wholesale, Commerce, Online-Marketplaces
  • Martin Meurer, MBA
    Areas: Restructuring of Finance and Cost-Management, Interim-Management
    Industry Sectors: Environmental Technology, Steel, Automotive, Retail
  • Markus Schmidt, Msc in Industrial Engineering and Management
    Areas: M&A, Corporate Assessment, Company Restructuring
    Industry Sectors: Financial Service Industry, Real Estate Management, Private Equity
  • Frank N. Stolpmann, MBA
    Areas: M&A, Fund- /Secondary Placement, Restructuring out of Insolvency/Insolvency-Plan
    Industry Sectors: Automotive, IT-Industry, Corporate Finance, Private Equity-Holdings
  • Carlos Vento, MBA, Industrial Engineer
    Areas: M&A, Restructuring
    Industry Sectors: Automotive, Investment Goods, Construction and Mining, Energy, Defense, Engineering