• Interim Management Assignments
    Execution of short-term projects for senior executive management.


  • Crisis management and Drawing up Continuity Plans: 
    Drawing up continuity plans and managing critical business situations, usually under a short-term mandate from senior management. Our goal is to do this primarily using the personnel resources of the company, or by reinforcing these.


  • Managing Costs and Income, Growing Value:
    Matching cost structures with sales potential.


  • Business Finance and Rating:
    Support in the design and implementation of an optimum business finance plan, increasing equity through co-operation with partners as well as developing equity options and rating.


  • Procurement and Vendor Management:
    Focused Specification and Materials Analysis, Resource pooling, systematic vendor management

    Operative excellence in international procurement
    Applying our project method “GPE Global Purchasing Excellence” we can achieve price improvements – sometimes up to two figure percentages with existing suppliers, which go well beyond normal, regular, purchase optimization. The keys to this include intelligently combined sourcing models, international volume pooling, optimizing specifications and systematic supplier management. For each type of materials we develop specific purchase strategies and apply these efficiently, with involvement of the relevant users and purchase departments, but without imposing a heavy burden on the users.