Business Development/Private Equity

  • Private Equity Funds, Holding Companies and Investment Companies:
    Design, construction and management of investment companies, portfolio structuring and build-up, growing value and exit phase models. (please see our investment firm on: www.extraindustries.com)


  • Disposal planning and preparation, Mergers & Acquisitions:
    Development and follow-through of disposal plans, including company sales, succession settlements, financial planning, calculation of different value models, establishing negotiating limits, supporting negotiations through to the signing and closing of a transaction.


  • Placing Private Equity Stakes:
    Negotiating market prices for secondary fund holdings, worldwide scouting for investors
    for private equity fund holdings.


  • Disposal of no-longer viable holdings in investment stakes/ fund investments:
    For fund holdings/interests which can no longer usefully be retained, due to changes in investment focus, streamlining/consolidation of investment portfolios or a poor ratio of dividend receipts to holding costs, we can call upon an international network of trustworthy investors.


  • Case Studies 1-3:

SMB_Case study 1_Streamling Portfolio Real Estate Bank.pdf

SMB_Case study 2_Secondary Private Equity Portfolio Sale.pdf

SMB_Case study 3_Wind down Portfolio German Banking Group.pdf